Printing and Laminating service Standard Pack (20 pages)

GeorgiMae Learning

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If you would like your products printed, laminated, and posted to you ready-made, please select this service pack.


This service includes 20 pages of any printable(s) you have chosen and purchased from GeorgiMae Learning shop.


Please ensure to select the printables and add these into your inbox first, then select how many print and laminate packs you need for the number of printables purchased. Ensure to purchase both within the same order so I can print the correct printables you have chosen.


For example, if you have chosen 20 printables, you only require to add this standard pack.

If you are purchasing 25 pages of printables, you will need to select this standard pack (20 pages) and the add on pack (5 pages).


The standard pack includes:

  • 20 pages printed
  • required pages laminated
  • velcro dots added to required activities
  • any plastic wallets needed
  • an A4 coloured write-on sleeve (selected at random)
  • coloured dry erase pen (selected at random)
  • clip for loose parts
  • A4 zip folder to keep your items together.


This service is available for GeorgiMae printables only.